Based in Brooklyn, Packy is interested in Community, Real estate, Education, Strategy, and Philly Sports.

My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Podcasts

As long as it’s not pouring rain or blizzarding, I’m making the 45 minute walk over the Manhattan Bridge from my apartment in Downtown Brooklyn to my office in Soho, and making the reverse walk back at the end of the day. That gives me a solid hour and a half each day to let the accumulated knowledge of so many flood my ears. My favorites span business, tech, sports, self-improvement and history. Check them out below!

Business & Tech

Invest Like the Best:

This Week in Startups:

Business Wars:


The Twenty Minute VC:

How I Built This:

Masters of Scale:


Bill Simmons Podcast:

Rights to Ricky Sanchez:


Tim Ferriss Show:

The Genius Life:


Hardcore History:

Revisionist History:

Common Sense:

P.S. I am always in the market for new podcasts. If I’m missing any must-listens, in these categories or others, let me know @packym on twitter of on the Contact page!

The Best of Ben

The Best of Ben