Packy McCormick

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Hi, I’m Packy.

I was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, and currently live in Brooklyn.

I studied Econ at Duke and spent 4 years in investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, before moving into startups.

I am currently helping people unlock access to productive space as the VP of Experience at Breather, an on-demand workspace company. 

You can follow the books I’m reading @ and if you want to read together, join our Slack Book Club.

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Strategy Rules Everything Around Me (St.R.E.A.M.)

As the son of two consultants, it’s probably not shocking that I’m fascinated by strategy. Nothing gets my brain buzzing more than learning about the fields that interest me - tech, sports, real estate, ecommerce, and education - and thinking through how the strategies the players in those fields choose predict outcomes.

Here are some of the types of questions you can expect me to address here:

How is online education in 2019 similar to bad banner ads in the 90’s?

Why have the Sixers built a competitive team while the Knicks continue to languish?

Why have we seen the rise of IRL Member Communities, and why is this just the beginning?

Why do pure marketplaces struggle in commercial real estate when AirBnB has been so successful in residential?

Why are DNVBs flocking to retail while traditional retailers face an apocalypse?

What do Shen Yun and VC-backed startups have in common?

I am excited to dive in and turn these questions into links.

What I’m Working on

Beyond just learning and applying knowledge on my own, I am thinking through how to weave the physical and digital tools at our disposal to enable people to learn better, together. My first test on the digital side is an online course on The Process. Blending my passion for strategy with my Philly roots, Sam Hinkie’s resignation letter is my single favorite piece of writing, and there are lessons to be learned from the Process that are applicable far afield from the basketball court.

On the physical side, I am starting a Debate Club in New York City. We held our first debate on September 25th, and I would love for you to join the next one later in October. You can learn more here and sign up here.

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